As per Current Market

Impact on Current Market


The market scenario today may look gloomy, the future may sound uncertain and bleak, this covid-19 led pandemic has cast such a shadow that every other investor or businessman is holding his steps and is not venturing to take the burden of interest on Loans- whether secured or unsecured. But as the statistics are suggesting, we are at the bottom of the V-shaped recovery led growth path and we are sure and certain to bounce back in very near future. Those who are willing to take the risk, this is the perfect time to invest or start or grow the business by taking Loans- secured or unsecured. And believe us, we are best in facilitating it.

Problems with current market

We Have Solutions

Problem No.


Lack of Clarity

An unsavory side of the market leading to lack of clarity to customers on various fronts. Customers are not properly informed clearly about Loan eligibility, approval processes and rate of interest.


Transparency: Our Mantra

We conduct due diligence and educate customers of all possible options available in the market. Customer is informed about all aspect-eligibility, approval process & rate of interest. We feel that understanding and go ahead a must to file a case.

Problem No.


No Market Updates

A critical constraint for the Loan industry is changing in lending rates. Customers remain uninformed of these frequent changes and these rates have an adverse effect on EMI as well as TENURE.


Proactive update: Our Insight

We communicate to our customers any changes in the lending rate and help them understand the fine prints of it. We give consultation and get them the best deal, wherever possible, due to changes in the lending rate.

Problem No.


No Service Post Loan

After loan disbursal, customers face challenges to get basic services like a statement of account, IT provisional certificate & other documents, due to lack of facilitation & support from Loan facilitators.


By Your Side always

Our aim is to build a healthy and long term relationship with you. Our engagement with customers does not end with Loan disbursal. For any Loan related documents required further, be rest assured we will facilitate for you.



    1. The customer should keep a copy of filled application form with him so that they can match all the criteria with his sanction terms in future.
    2. The customer should always ask for a copy of sanction letter required when a customer would want any transfer or shift of balance Loan or otherwise also.
    3. The customer should always keep a copy of the loan agreement kit signed by them so that they can be aware of all the conditions agreed by them.
    4. The customer should ask for all the hidden charges charged by the bank to process their loan on the very first day.
    Choose to process your loan requirements, we will provide you all before you ask. Clarity & transparency are our main mantra.

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