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If anyone's concern is either Home or Personal Loan, Mr. Abhishek Saxena is one-man army, in the sense that though actually your loan would be getting processed through many hands, he would be the one coordinating person on your behalf.

If you have assigned your loan matter to him, you need not worry at all, there is almost 100% chance of getting it through as per your original request.

Very few of you might have to amend the requirements as per the varied and complex norms of the ever-changing and dynamic matrix of the field. His strength lies in his promptness, sincerity commitment to the core, awesome networking, in-depth knowledge on the issues and most importantly his foresightedness. The beauty of his service lies in the fact that he can sense the issues that may come up in your case and will advise you accordingly and appropriately. In fact his services do not stops on the loan disbursal, he will further help you in getting the rates reduced, if possible and if he is so prompted.

All of these are coming out from my personal experiences. He was pivotal in getting my home loan cleared in a very smooth manner, without any hassles and more importantly in time. I know him personally for long and he is a very down to earth and humble person.

My best wishes to him, for his professional career as well as on his personal fronts.

My Batchmate introduced me to mention that due to your good experience and continous effort, my housing loan process has materialised smoothy. Your keen interest in understanding the client request and deep knowledge about banking process can be handy helpfull for anyone who is interest for any type of loan. I am highly impressed with your compassionate follow-up and commitment to your work which has helped not only me but other who wanted hassle-free loan process.

Great guy, very knowledgeable, transparent and willing to explain everything. My personal home loan matter processed by him. One stop solution for any financial advice. Highly recommended

As I practice, I do not recommend people unless I have experienced their service first hand myself. Having worked with Mr. Saxena for the last decade for all my personal and home loan needs, I can confidently recommend it to all professionals / businessperson who are looking for a new HL/PL/LAP or even a transfer of loan.

Apart from his ability to provide the most competitive RoI to you across a whole host of top notch retail banks, his single point of contact service, meticulous paper work, and door step 24x7 support just puts you at complete ease and make your life simple as you navigate through your loan.

This is truly unmatched and any online loan agent just do not stand anywhere in comparison.

I wish him all the best as he starts to offer his services to an even wider set of customers through his new online initiative.

I met Shri Abhishek Saxena regarding a housing loan from ICICI Bank. With the help of the loan materialised with his relentless efforts, I was able to buy a second house in Lucknow wherein I am currently residing.

It proved to be a turning point in flourishing of our family business. It gives me immense pleasure to see Abhishek Saxena reaching new heights in his field.

I wish him success in all his future endeavours. I hope he would achieve many more milestones in future.

I know Abhishek for over a decade and in all these years one thing has not changed about him is his professionalism towards every assignment he takes over. His keen interest in understanding his Client requirements and delivering on it smoothly through his deep knowledge on the industry sets him apart from the rest.

He is unique with his ability to connect with people of all the fields with ease.

Abhishek is more like a family today. I wish him all very best and success for his new milestons

Abhishek Saxena is informed, passionate & committed in his work and took personal interest in helping me with processing & approval of my loan request against property.

I have known Mr.Abhishek Saxena now since twelve years and have taken his help in my two house loans, a business loan and his help for plenty of my friends for various loans on my recommendation.

He has been extremely helpful and reliable. Apart from being soft spoken I found him to be thoroughly professional and competitive in his rates understanding the nitty gritty of the client's(friends) needs.

Abhishek has always been Frank and transparent in his dealings. He is prompt,reliable,enthusiastic and hardworking and makes things workout to the needs of one’s requirement.

He does not shy away from giving useful inputs for the betterment to a sweeter deal.

I wish him all the success in his new endeavour of Loans of all types.

Abhishek validates that we are moving up on the index of “ease of doing business”. His deep knowledge and experiences on ever changing bank loan processes and his courteous disposition makes the whole experience so different and certainly takes away the anxieties caused by imposing document requirements by the banks. Great going Abhishek and way to go too.

I personally know Mr. Abhishek Saxena for more than 10 years now. We always refer to our client's financial needs to him and the quality of service he provides is incredible.

Abhishek works with sheer enthusiasm and zeal and tries to make sure that the work is done in minimal time.

Sometimes, things do not work because of unavoidable circumstances, which nobody can help. He has been able to arrange bank sanctions to our clients having a requirement of big amounts because of his unmatched network of professionals. He works very professionally and is unlike other DSAs in the market. As a person, Abhishek is a very soft-spoken and reliable human being and is always available for help. He ensures to bridge any communication gap arising out of a busy schedule and always keeps in touch.

Thanks, Abhishek for all the support and efforts extended by you.

I would like to wish you all the very best as you embark upon this new journey of online services. I have had a good working experience with you after one of my office staff who was an acquaintance of yours's introduced you to me while I was looking for a Housing Loan.

I was particularly impressed with the due diligence you took to ensure that both the bank and myself, were satisfied with Paperwork.

I hope you always work “AHEAD” with that Diligence & Integrity.

Love & Best Wishes..

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